Surveying & Mapping

Enhance productivity for small and large-scale projects

UAV technology is transforming the way we survey, monitor, and manage land, offering an innovative approach to site development, construction, urban planning, and other infrastructure projects of all sizes. The SEEKER is at the top of its class, leading the charge in photogrammetry, LiDAR, 3D modeling, soil sampling, and more.

Top-of-the-line flight speeds mean you accomplish more in less time

Reaching top speeds of up to 70 mph, the SEEKER can cover hundreds of acres in a single day so you never have to worry about delays in the project timeline.

Take advantage of automated route planning to streamline operations

Set it up and let the SEEKER do the heavy lifting. Plan flight routes in advance and focus on the data as it transmits to ground control in real-time.


Gather essential data with the touch of a screen

The SEEKER was made to fit your surveying and mapping needs with a payload capacity of 7+ pounds, real-time data transmission, and robust software with a user-friendly interface.

Powerful ground control system with dual GPS for easy navigation
Dynamic route planning pairs automation with precision
Customizable payload to aggregate the data you need

Collect more accurate results with less time in the field

Combat inefficiencies and speed up the timeline with state-of-the-art aerial technology. The SEEKER is made to be quick and nimble, providing you with instant access to topographical data, imagery, and video recording as it soars above the ground.

Smooth and seamless take-offs and landings

The SEEKER's innovative VTOL design pairs the practicality of a fixed-wing UAV with the versatility of a multi-rotor model for the smoothest vertical takeoffs and landings around. Uneven terrain, tight spaces, high altitudes — the SEEKER can handle it all.

Easily transmit data from a distance

With data transmission capabilities of up to 12+ miles, operators can stay tuned into real-time data as the ground control system receives it effortlessly. They’ll be able to make quick decisions in the moment, preventing delays in the project.

Build out the payload configuration you need

With a 15-foot wingspan, the SEEKER can accommodate over 7 pounds so you can deck it out with the sensors and imaging modules to suit your needs and provide you with the necessary data.

Reduce labor costs with the leading aerial solution

Manual surveying is a labor-intensive process that requires hours of manpower that calls for unnecessary overhead. The SEEKER is an economical addition to any surveying team, effectively saving significant time and money for every project.

One charge = TWO hours of flight time

Spend more time in the sky without worrying. The SEEKER is powered by a set of dual-redundant, advanced high-voltage lithium polymer batteries, enabling each cell to charge to 4.35V.

Innovative VTOL design allows for convenient maneuvering

Vertical take-off and landing capabilities ensure the SEEKER can monitor, survey, and map terrain, even in the toughest areas. The SEEKER can fly up to 16,000 feet AGL, so from mountain peaks to rocky shorelines, nothing stands in the way of the data you need.

Make smart decisions with the SEEKER

Data-based decision making is essential to the success of a project, and the SEEKER will provide you everything you need in record time to eliminate setbacks and yield accurate results.

Designed for durability

A carbon fiber airframe and high-quality mechanical components guarantee the SEEKER is a lasting investment that serves for years to come.

Virtually silent at 400 feet AGL

A thorough approach to surveying and mapping doesn’t need to cause disturbances to the surrounding environment. Thanks to an electric motor, the SEEKER's has a low noise profile and an unobtrusive presence.

Keep your team safe and grounded

There’s no need to send out personnel to map rocky terrains or busy highways while weathering the elements. The SEEKER is a dependable alternative that handles hazardous conditions with ease, ensuring your team’s safety and wellbeing.

Stress-free assembly or disassembly

It takes less than three minutes to assemble or disassemble the SEEKER, which means you can be in the sky without a moment spared.

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