Power Line Inspection

Streamline inspections
with the SEEKER

Set up precision missions with automated route planning, or manage dynamic situations with manual ground control systems. It’s all possible with the simple touch of a screen.

Less time, more results

UAV technology cuts down on inspection time significantly, while providing clean, accurate data in real-time.

Designed for performance

A top speed of 70mph, customizable payload configurations, and over two hours of flight time on a single charge make the SEEKER a powerful force.


Protect your infrastructure with Commaris

From substations to transmission lines, we’ve got the best solution for you to ensure your systems are in top shape.
Increased payload capabilities
Longest flight time on the market
Easy access to real-time data

Where safety meets efficiency

The SEEKER is designed to replace manual inspections of power lines, effectively saving time, reducing the cost of labor, and simplifying planning, surveying, mapping, and monitoring procedures.

Safer alternative to manual inspections

Using UAV technology to inspect power lines eliminates the need for hazardous climbing, keeping your team safe and sound on the ground.

data collection

With detailed modeling and mapping features, our industrial UAV provides invaluable data through video recordings, still images, and thermal scanning.

Modular design for easy customization

With multiple payload configurations at your disposal, you can add the tools you need to accommodate a variety of situations.

Built for versatility

Fixed-wing UAVs are built for large-scale missions, and the SEEKER is no exception. It pairs the efficiency of fixed-wing UAVs with the dexterity of multi-rotor models, providing you with the best of both worlds for smooth and easy inspections.

Compact and easy to assemble

The SEEKER’s modular design allows for easy transportation and setup, taking under three minutes to assemble and disassemble.

Designed for tight spaces

As a VTOL aircraft, the SEEKER is able to take off and land in confined areas, allowing for effective inspections in any location.

High Performance = High ROI

We understand that every minute counts when you’re out in the field. That’s why we designed The SEEKER to be the precision solution you need to save time and enhance operational efficiency.

Commercial-grade parts

Our UAVs are built with carbon fiber and commercial-grade mechanical and electronic components for the best quality on the market.

Built to Last

We offer the longest flight time in the market, with over two hours on a single charge. Payload capabilities of over 7 pounds mean you can customize away without worrying about the weight of added cameras or sensors.

Long-range capabilities

Long-range data link capabilities ensure your data is seamlessly transmitted, even from a distance of up to 12+ miles.


Reaching speeds of over 70 miles per hour, our commercial UAVs are designed to increase efficiency and save time across the board.

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