Search & Rescue

Locate missing persons safely and efficiently

Manual search-and-rescue missions are costly, taking a significant amount of time and putting additional people in dangerous situations. Aerial technology eliminates the added risk while cutting down on delays caused by human error.

Keep the team safe with comprehensive ground control systems.

The SEEKER's ground control system (GCS) features a user-friendly interface with real-time data transmission from miles away, so your operators can stay safe and focused on the task at hand.

Detect heat signals for expedient search and rescue missions.

Configure the SEEKER's payload with thermal sensors to quickly detect human heat signals and hone in on missing persons in record time.


More advanced than the human eye

Customize the SEEKER’s payload with advanced modules that increase visibility and cut down on time, whether searching in the dark, navigating through smoke, or looking through rubble.

Fastest UAV on the market, speeding up SAR missions
Custom payload configurations for thermal sensors and optical zoom cameras
Real-time data to keep you in the loop at all times

Quick and agile to navigate the toughest missions

Search and rescue missions are high-risk, particularly after catastrophic events like wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. The SEEKER’s aerodynamic frame ensures that it can maneuver over difficult terrain and handle turbulence with ease.

Flight speeds of 70 mph

Boasting the fastest flight speeds around, the SEEKER is well-equipped for safe missions whether searching mountains, seas, or on the ground.

Vertical take-off and landing

A functional VTOL design allows the SEEKER to access confined and hard-to-reach places, ensuring no stone goes unturned during search and rescue operations.

Easy to transport and assemble

Time is of the essence when searching for missing persons. The SEEKER's modular design is simple to assemble in under 3 minutes, wasting no time in the process.

Designed to withstand the elements

Keep the search going without worrying about light rain,

snow, fog, or wind. The SEEKER can handle side gusts of up to 35 mph, reducing risk and

producing results quickly and effectively.

Long-lasting composite airframe

The SEEKER’s slim and aerodynamic carbon frame is equipped with cutting-edge components for peak durability.

Advanced GPS technology

Dual GPS systems and a robust ground control interface ensure the SEEKER can always find its way home.

Put safety first with the SEEKER at the helm

Every detail counts when lives are at stake. The SEEKER is the leading UAV in speed, flight time, and accessibility, providing a significant return on investment that makes all the difference in serious situations.

Low noise profile during operation

The SEEKER is virtually silent at 400 feet AGL, preventing further disturbances and providing support for even the most covert search and rescue missions.

Up to two hours in flight time

There’s no need to cut the search short. The SEEKER runs up to two hours on a single charge, so your team can continue forward until the mission is completed.

Precision flight planning

Mapping out automated routes through high-risk areas supports preventative measures to proactively safeguard people and infrastructure from damage.

Collect vital data in real-time

Long-range data link transmission grants instant access to photo and video imaging to speed up the search and recover missing people quickly.

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