Security & Surveillance

Prioritize security with the leading aerial surveillance solution

The SEEKER provides full panoramic coverage to ensure no corner is left in the dark. Featuring a customizable payload and agile flight capabilities, you can rest easy knowing that your property, assets, and infrastructure are safe and sound.

Get a bird’s eye view in real-time

Enjoy the assurance of accurate, instantaneous data transmission from up to 12+ miles away.

Versatile use for multiple applications

Monitor events, guard high-value assets and infrastructure, scan hard-to-reach places — UAV technology does it all.


Protect your assets and events from overhead

Perfect for routine monitoring and event-specific control, the SEEKER provides the best of both worlds for security needs.

Low noise profile for discretion
Vertical take-off and landing
Automated route planning

Keep a finger on the pulse at all times

An easy-to-use interface allows your team to keep tabs on the SEEKER from the ground, which means you can automate surveillance and send out guards only when necessary.

Virtually silent
at 400 feet AGL

A slim, aerodynamic frame and quiet electric motor ensures a low noise profile to remain undetectable for optimal surveillance.

Payload modules
to fit your needs

A 7+ pound carrying capacity supports a fully customizable payload to add cutting-edge instruments to deploy in the field.

Advanced GPS and ground control systems

Streamline data collection with state-of-the-art technology that allows for precision route planning and immediate results.

Play both sides with the SEEKER

Real-time imaging and video transmission ensures you are always in the know and ready to address security concerns as they arise.

Patrol from the skies

Configure the payload with thermal sensors, optical zoom cameras, and other modules to enhance situational awareness.

Deter unwelcome activity

Equip the SEEKER with sirens and warning lights to prevent intruders, disorder, and misconduct.

Innovative security at its finest

Reduce costs, increase proficiency, and optimize security procedures using aerial technology designed for accuracy and efficacy.

Real-time alerts

Get instant notifications about security concerns, enabling rapid responses to resolve situations quickly.

Easily accessible

A light, compact frame and assembly time of less than 3 minutes ensures smooth operations in the field.

Remarkable flight times

Go the distance with top speeds reaching 70 mph and over two hours of flight time on a single charge.

Seamless VTOL design

Vertical takeoff and landing capabilities allow for surveillance in confined spaces, effectively eliminating blind spots.

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