Oil/Gas Pipeline Inspection

High-performance solutions for a high-demand industry

With energy consumption at an all-time high, oil and natural gas are high-demand resources across the nation. As the need soars, new solutions must be implemented to increase efficiency, safety, and visibility.

Automate inspection routes

Dual GPS and ground control systems make it easy for operators to pre-plan and schedule inspections with the touch of a screen.

Transmit real-time data

Long-range data link capabilities transfer images, videos, and statistics from up to two miles away.


Do more in less time with the SEEKER

Industrial UAVs are designed to replace manual inspections of oil and gas pipelines, effectively saving time, reducing the cost of labor, and simplifying planning, surveying, mapping, and monitoring procedures.
Over two hours of flight time on a single charge
Easy assembly in less than three minutes
Fastest flight speeds on the market at 70+ mph

As energy demands grow, so must your tech

The SEEKER is equipped with the features necessary to seamlessly manage pipeline inspections and prepare for future growth plans.

Vertical takeoff and landing

The SEEKER's VTOL design ensures seamless operations in any situation, from open fields to confined spaces.

Fully composite airframe

Made with carbon fiber and top-of-the-line mechanical components, the SEEKER is built for durability in the field.

Custom payload configurations

A 15-foot wingspan and 7+ pound carrying capacity allows for a fully customizable payload to include thermal imaging cameras, multispectral sensors, and more.

One device, multiple applications

A versatile build and customizable payload configurations ensure your investment in aerial technology goes a long way.

Maintenance inspections

Streamline inspections of pipelines and infrastructure with the SEEKER’s automated flight planning, advanced GPS, and VTOL capabilities. A two-mile radius provides for seamless data transmission to a single ground control operator.

Site planning & developmenT

Increased visibility allows for effortless mapping of onshore and offshore sites for future pipeline expansions. The SEEKER makes it easy to grow with the ability to collect topographic modeling data, analyze soil type, and map out site plans from a bird’s eye view.

The leading solution for pipeline inspections

Level up your operations with advanced drone technology that does the heavy lifting for you and your team.

Increased productivity

Complete missions faster with speeds of 70+ mph and over 2 hours of flight time

More accurate data

Cutting-edge payload modules open up a world of possibilities for the energy sector

Safe and effective

Drone technology keeps your team on the ground and out of harm’s way

Easy to Use

Simple assembly and a user-friendly interface make the SEEKER an easy investment

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