Increase efficiency and yield with aerial technology

With the ability to cover hundreds of acres in a day, the SEEKER saves time and cuts down on overhead so farms of all sizes can get more done while increasing their profit margins.

Enjoy more accurate results in less time.

Data-link capabilities of up to two miles and over three hours of flight time on a single charge means you can complete missions quickly and conveniently.

Streamline operations with user-friendly GCS

A robust yet easy-to-use ground control system makes it easy for any user to plan flight routes in advance and let the SEEKER handle the rest.

Skip the guesswork and make the best decisions for your farm

The SEEKER provides you with the bird’s eye view and real-time data you need to make smart decisions for your crops and your profit margins.

Fully panoramic views of agricultural fields
Automated route planning for consistent monitoring
Suitable to multi-use applications

Collect better data in less time

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the SEEKER is the leading aerial solution for farm owners and operators looking to level up their operations and produce high-quality results.

Designed to fit your needs

With a payload lifting capability of over 7 pounds, operators can customize the SEEKER with a variety of modular options for precision agriculture, like six-band multispectral cameras and LiDAR sensors.

Quick and easy assembly

A light, compact build allows for easy transportation of the SEEKER, as well as assembly or disassembly in less than three minutes. It’s never been simpler to navigate the skies!

Fastest flight speed on the market

Reaching speeds of 70 mph, the SEEKER makes short work of agricultural missions — and with over two hours of flight time on a single charge, you’ll have all the data you need in record time.

Enjoy increased output with lower risks

As precision agriculture demands complex mapping, surveying, and monitoring, UAVs shine as the best investment for farms across the globe.

Gain valuable insights into your crop production

Test soil quality, map topography, monitor land and water changes, and more. The SEEKER is the perfect companion to collect data that will help you increase yields and plan for future growth.

Troubleshoot issues and reduce environmental risk

Combat threats like erosion or flooding without sending people into dangerous situations. With multiple payload configurations, add the modules you need to gather information to fix and prevent problems.

Precision agriculture requires precision technology

An investment in aerial technology is an investment in the future of your farm. Say yes to growth by introducing the SEEKER into your operations and committing to excellence.

Adaptable to any situation

Dual GPS and ground control systems support precision automated missions for peak efficiency, as well as full manual control for dynamic and unpredictable situations.

Built to weather the elements

The SEEKER is made to last, boasting a carbon fiber airframe, advanced mechanical and electrical components, and state-of-the-art payload modules.

Low noise profile to reduce disturbances

Sporting an electric motor and aerodynamic silhouette, the SEEKER is virtually silent at altitude, producing just 40 dB at 400 feet AGL.

Pairs the best of
both worlds

The SEEKER's VTOL design adds the versatility of multi-rotor UAVs to the functionality of fixed-wing UAVs for an innovative take on aerial technology.

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