Railway Inspection

Keep railroads safe and functional with The SEEKER

Railway infrastructure is a vital element of our transportation system, and UAV technology is making the inspections process easier and more accurate to ensure the safety of rail passengers and freight.

Increase team safety and wellbeing

With a bird’s eye view and advanced imaging modules, the SEEKER replaces the need to send inspectors into hazardous situations.

Detect and solve issues quicker

Precision route planning and real-time data transmission allow operators to identify damages and make decisions in less time.

The future of railway technology

Increased productivity from UAV use allows for more frequent railway inspections, leading to safer routes and lower maintenance costs.
Multiple payload configurations to fit your needs
Reaches flight speeds of up to 70 mph
VTOL design for smooth operation

Take advantage of aerial solutions

Save time, reduce expenses, and improve safety by using drone technology for railroad inspections. It’s a no-brainer.

Low noise profile

The SEEKER is virtually silent at 400 feet above ground level, reducing potential disruptions in the field.

Powered for durability

Driven by dual redundant, advanced high-voltage lithium polymer batteries, the SEEKER has one of the longest flight times on the market at 2+ hours on a single charge.

Automated route planning

Set it and let it run — it’s never been easier. Automated route planning allows operators to streamline inspections with the touch of a screen.

Better tech = Fewer rail accidents

Railway maintenance is all about increasing safety. Commercial UAVs make it easy, eliminating the need for manual inspections — and the SEEKER is leading the market in efficiency.

Real-time data transmission

With robust ground control systems and long-range data link capabilities of up to 12+ miles, operators can gather information on the fly without leaving their post. From mapping terrain to identifying track defects, the SEEKER has you covered.

Advanced payload options

Fit your UAV with high-resolution cameras, measurement sensors, and more. A flexible design ensures that you can create the perfect configuration to serve your team’s railway inspection needs.

Welcome the newest member of your rail team

The SEEKER is designed to reduce labor expenses, enhance safety, and streamline operations. Talk about investing in a reliable team member.

Constructed for easy use

With an assembly time of less than three minutes, you can get right to business.

Fastest model on the market

The SEEKER boasts top speeds of 70 mph, significantly cutting down on inspection time.

Fully customizable to fit your needs

A 15-foot wingspan supports a payload of over 7 pounds to suit the task at hand.

Built to last for years

A carbon fiber airframe makes the SEEKER a long-term addition to the squad.

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