Commaris Announces Partnership with Silvus Technologies

September 14, 2022 – Commaris™, a brand of Terrafugia, Inc. delivering uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial operations, today announces its partnership with Silvus Technologies to integrate Silvus StreamCaster radios into its SEEKER UAV. The partnership will provide reliable bi-directional UAV command & control communication for high-speed data and high-resolution video downlinks in unpredictable environments for its customers. Silvus StreamCaster radios robust frequency and proprietary networking protocols provide a self-healing, self-forming mesh network that self-optimizes, requiring no operator involvement. 

“We are very excited to launch our new partnership with Silvus Technologies and leverage their groundbreaking communications solutions for high bandwidth video, command and control, health, and telemetry data that will enable our SEEKER UAV to deliver unprecedented throughput, range, and robustness to UGV and UAV communication scenarios, from air to ground to sea,” said Fred Bedard, Director of Sales and Marketing at Commaris.

As the world’s leading developer of advanced tactical MIMO and MANET communication systems, Silvus Technologies is reshaping the tactical wireless communications landscape. Silvus StreamCaster radios deliver unmatched range, throughput, and mobility across challenging environments and continually focuses on improving the size, weight, power, and cost, all while introducing the next generation of features and capabilities.

“We’re proud to partner with Commaris to deliver our StreamCaster radios and advanced MN-MIMO waveform technology to their SEEKER UAV to support their platforms utilization across multiple industries,” said Paul Blackham, Silvus Director, Unmanned Systems. “Through this collaboration with Commaris, we are proud to be providing reliable communications to end-users for a variety of applications, expanding our reach as we continue to support an increasing number of mission-critical operations.”

The SEEKER’s innovative, electric, fixed-wing/VTOL hybrid aircraft is designed to perform a wide variety of commercial inspection operations, including law enforcement, border security and surveillance, long-line inspections, surveying and mapping, and more. It has a long-endurance capability, with up to three or more hours of flight time without a battery change, and it supports multiple payload configurations of up to 10 pounds at a top speed of over 75 mph.  

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